International Students Studying in China

     Brief Introduction to International Students Studying in China

Undergraduate Learners and Language Learners
1. Language Learners: The duration of study  varies from one month, three months, six months to one year. Language class starts in March and September every year, and students are divided into different classes according to their Chinese proficiency.  Admission requirement: Students with high school education level or above (equivalent to sixth grade of high school).

2. Undergraduate Learners (four-year degree program): The school year starts in September every year (The main majors are International Economics and  Trade,  Radio and Television Directing, and Animation); the other majors are also available  for application. 

Admission requirement: High school education level or above ( equivalent  to  sixth grade of high school), not over 30 years old, the HSK score of Elementary Level 4 or above. Applicant without HSK score can attend Language program first before degree program.

Short-term Learning and Exchange 

The exchange patterns include summer camp or winter camp with a group of about 20 members for about 2 weeks. We arrange one-week advanced course and one-week learning tour for international students. They have the right to choose Chinese course or English course according to their Chinese proficiency. We arrange Home-stay for international students to experience family life in China.
Advanced courses mainly include Chinese listening, reading, speaking, writing , and  the study of Chinese traditional culture. Learning tour mainly includes the visit of Fuzhou City and the neighboring areas, the large-scale enterprises and scenic spots of Fujian Province, such as China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone,   Fuzhou Three Alleys and Seven Lanes,  Museum of Fujian Province, and Mount Wuyi, etc.