School Profile

Fuzhou University of International Studies and Tradeis a full-timeundergraduateuniversity approved by the Ministry of Education.It is the sponsor unitandvice-chairman unitofnon-profit private universities,standingvice-chairmanunit of Higher Education Committee of China Associationfor Non-Government Education,andamaster’s degree joint training unit. The school was founded in 2004 as Fuzhou College of ForeignStudiesand Trade,andapproved by the Ministry of Education in 2011 tobe a regularfull-time undergraduate university.In 2018, it passed the teaching qualityevaluationonfull-timeundergraduateuniversitiesbyMinistry of Education.The Monitoring Report on the Development Potential of Colleges and Universities in Fujian Provincein 2018 which wasreleased by Fujian Provincial Education Evaluation andResearchCenter, points out that the development potential of our school in 2017 rankedfirst among private undergraduate colleges and universities in Fujian Provinceand some of its aspects, such as resources integration, personnel training, scientific research, social services, comprehensive reputation and others ranked firstamongprivate universities.

Basedon the west coast of Taiwan Straitand facing the whole country, the school fully implements theParty’s educational policy, adheres to the socialist orientation of runningaschool, implements the fundamental task ofstrengthening morality educationand fosteringtalents, and cultivates and promotes the core socialist values.Wealsostrengthen the education of China's outstanding traditional culture,revolutionaryculture and advanced socialist culture, uphold theadvocacyof thefounderMr. Wu Qinming’s“Education is a great love” , and actively advocate the educational concept of “Benevolence in mind, words and action”.After more than 10 years of unremitting joint efforts,webetteredthe school motto of "integration ofChina and foreign countries,dedication tothe society"and carry forwardtheschool spirit of "advocating virtue,studying hard,seeking truthandpromoting innovation" , and constantly promotethe development of the school.

Situated in Changle Districtwhich is known asacoastal birthplace for famous people and literature, agateway to Fujian Province’s capital city Fuzhou, the university covers an area of about 1300 mu, including about370,000square meters for buildings.It has teaching and scientific research instruments worth about RMB 110 million yuan,a total library collection of around 3 million printed books and electronic documents, more than 100 laboratories and 200 training bases.

The school has established a pattern of coordinated developmentinliterature, economics, management, arts, engineering and teaching, andithas two provincial keyspecialties: Foreign Language andLiterature and Business Administration. At present,it has7 secondary teaching units,includingSchool ofForeign Languages,School ofFinanceand Economics,School ofEconomic Management,School ofScience and Technology,School ofArt and Design, Public Teaching Department andSchool ofMarxism, as well asSchool of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.There are31undergraduate specialties,includingEnglish, Japanese,Translation, French, Spanish,InternationalEconomics andTrade,FinancialEngineering,Finance,E-Commerce,EconomicStatistics,Investment,FinancialManagement,Auditing,Accounting,AssetValuation, Logistics Management,Engineering Cost,Civil Engineering,Marketing,Information Management and Information Systems,Data Science and Big Data Technology,Environmental Design,Animation,Fine Arts,Radio and Television Programming,Fashion and Dress Design, Visual Communication,Product Design,Digital Media Art, Preschool Education,etc.Currently, it has more than 16,700 full-time undergraduates.

Withthe development strategy of "establishing a school with high quality" ,the school has7 awards for teaching achievements at the provincial level, 25 research projects for teaching reform at the provincial level, and 4 projects for the experimental teaching platform of the provincial public basic courses.There are 4 provincial-level school-enterprise cooperative practice teaching base projects, 7 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 3 provincial-level virtual simulation experiment teaching centers, 2 provincial-level virtual simulation experiment teaching projects, and 4 provincial-level service industry specialty.There are 4 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship reform pilot programs, 2 provincial comprehensive reform programs, 2 provincial undergraduate teaching teams, and 5 provincial online courses.Furthermore, there are 9provincial-level top-quality resource-sharing courses (anintegration of innovative entrepreneurship education and professional education),2provincial-level top-quality education and teaching reform projects of "ideological and political courses" and "coursesforideologyand politics".Moreover,we have also compiled and published 9"12th Five-Year Plan" textbooksforapplication-oriented undergraduate programs, 4 provincial excellent characteristic textbooks and 1 provincial innovative school-based textbook.

The school implements the development strategy of“talentsto strengthen the school”, the parallel practice of“training, attracting and recruiting talents”, and a series of measures such as“DoubleHundredTalentsProject”and“AttractingTalentsProject”, etc.Wenowhave aleadingfacultyteam,including thosewho enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, national andprovincialteachingmasters,outstandingteachersin Fujian Province, and provincial subject leaders, andall of whom are well-equipped with both morality and talents. Among the existing teachers, there is one expertreceivingspecial allowancesfromthe State Council, one national-level teacher and one chair professor of Changjiang Scholars.A total of 29teachershave been evaluated or approvedasFujian ProvinceOutstandingTeachers, Fujian Province Teaching Masters, Fujian Province“OneBillionTalentProject”, Fujian Province ABCHigh-LevelTalents, FujianandTaiwanHigh-Level “100TalentsProgram”, Fujian Province“New Century Talents Project”and Fujian Province “DistinguishedResearch TalentsTraining Program”.Currently, it has more than 900 full-timeand part-timeteachers. Among them,more than 80%arewith master’s degree or above,andmore than 40% with senior titles. At the same time, we also employ foreign teachers from the United States, Canada and other countries. More than 20 million yuan has been investedinbuildinga 5,400-square-meter teachers’development center, which has become an important place for teachers'scientific research, experience exchange, professional growth and information-based teaching resources construction. We attachgreatimportance to the construction of teachers’morality,carry forwardthe goal of“Building Oneself, Learning and Teaching byMorality”,and carry it out in daily management and teaching.

The schoolactivelytakes its advantage in disciplines, talents and technology to serve thelocaleconomies anddevelopment.It has establishedFujian Zhigong Economic Research Institute, Zheng Zhenduo and Taiwan Strait Cultural Research Center,Socialist Ideology with Chinese CharacteristicsTheory Research Center, Science&Technology and Society Research Center, Fujian University Engineering Research CenterofModern Service IndustryBigDataApplication, Banking and Finance Research Institute and other research platforms. In recent years, 669 projects of various levels have been approved, including 64 projects above provincial level, 430 patents granted, 30 academic works edited and published, and 2504 papers published in SCI, SSCI, CSSCI, CSCD, EI and other journals. According to the2018 Research Report on the Evaluation of Scientific Research Competitiveness of ChinasPrivate Universities and Independent Colleges, published by CASEE of Hangzhou Dianzi University,in 2018,our university ranked 16th inChina, and it has ranked first in Fujian Province for many years.

The school implements the development strategy of“developing the school with its own characteristics”, constantly innovatesinthe training mode of talents, emphasizes the cultivation of students’applied ability, pays attention to the deep integration of specialized teaching and foreign language education,andthe combination of professional quality and entrepreneurial accomplishment. Ithas opened the“EliteClasswith an InternationalVision”and innovative experimental training classes. Graduatesarewell received by society and employersbecause oftheirsolid theoretical foundation, strong practical ability, good moral,andan international vision and innovative spirit. The employment ratehas beenover 95%for many years. In the 2018 Monitoring Report on the Development of College Graduates in Fujian Province,released by the Education Department of Fujian Province, it was pointed out that the employment competitiveness index of thegraduatesof 2017 ranked fourth among undergraduate colleges and universities in Fujian Provinceand itrankedfirst among private universities and independent colleges in Fujian Province. Most of the graduates have played a key role in their respective sectors, and more and more well-known enterprisesregardthe school as a long-term cooperative talent training reserve base.

The school pays attention to the trainingofstudents’comprehensive qualityand theirinnovationability. The 16,000-square-meterInnovation and Entrepreneurship Park for college studentshas been built. There are currently 140 national and 218 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for students. Itwas appraised as the National Teacher Training Base for Innovation and EntrepreneurshipofNational PrivateColleges andUniversities, Fujian ProvincePublicInnovationSpace, Fujian Province“Internet +”E-commerceTrainingBase, Fujian Province University Graduate Entrepreneurship Incubator Base, Fujian Province University Graduate Entrepreneurship Training Base, Fujian Province UniversityStudentInnovation and Entrepreneurship Standard Park, Fujian ProvinceFemaleInnovation andEntrepreneurshipDemonstrationBase, Veterans Innovation and EntrepreneurshipDemonstrationBaseinFuzhouUniversityof ForeignStudies andTrade.Moreover, ithas won thetitle of“50Colleges andUniversities with Typical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Experience”approved by Ministry of Education in 2017,“NationalAdvancedInstitutions of Higher Learning Entrepreneurship Education Research andPractice”,and“National Private University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model School Prize (only 16 private colleges and universities were awarded this honor) " and other honors.

The school actively promotes international school-running and exchanges and integration between Fujian and Taiwan.It is the firstprivateuniversity in Fujian Province to obtain the qualification of recruiting overseas Chinese students, the firstprivateuniversity with the qualification of recruiting undergraduate students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan,one of thepilot universities to cooperate with Taiwanese universities in running schoolsandone ofthe first batch of universities to be awarded the title of Overseas Chinese Education Base in Fuzhou. It is alsoan outstanding institution foremployingforeign cultureand education experts. The school hascooperatedwithmore than 20 foreign high-leveluniversities andinstitutions, such asBritish Plymouth University, Anglia Ruskin University,State University of New York at Stony Brook, New Zealand Massey University,Studialis andProvincial College of Higher Education in Liège, Belgium. Itcarriesout such cooperation as joint training, exchange of students, short-term study tours, teacher visits, lectures and further studies.We have established teaching and research partnerships with more than 10 universities in Taiwan, including Asian universities, Yishou University and Shu-Te University. The school regularly holds international summer and winter camps to promote Chinese language education and Chinese culture, and has recruited a large number of international students from countries along the“Belt and Road”,such as Vietnam, Thailand and Nepal, participate in cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.We actively contribute to building a communitywith a shared future for mankind.

Weadhere to theprincipleof connotative development. Since the start of the school,ithas been awarded the“National Outstanding Private University”,“National Model Workers’ Home”, “Fujian10th, 11stand 12ndCivilized School”,“FujianCivilized Campus”,“ Fujian Advanced Unit of College Graduates Employment Work”,“Fujian Advanced Unit of Vocational Education”,“Fujian May DayAward”, “Fujian Advanced Faculty Home”,“Outstanding Contribution Prize”from the first National Youth Games,“Peaceful Campus”and other honors. Mainstream media such as CCTV, Fujian Television, FETV,the website of the Central People'sGovernment, the website of the State Administration, ,People’sNet, Guangming Net, China Economic Net,Guangming Daily, China Education Daily,Fujian Daily, andFuzhou Daily have covered the school from various angles.

Looking ahead, we will further implement the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" , fully implement theParty’seducational policy, adhere tothe socialist orientation of runningaschool, and fulfill the fundamental task ofstrengthening morality educationand fosteringtalents.We will promote the construction of an all-round application-oriented transformation, continue to deepen the reform of the systemandpromote theschool’s connotativedevelopment, and make steady progress towards the goal ofbuilding a"First-Class Private University" .

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